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Men's Hair Salon


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Hair cuts

All haircut are tailored to your specifications, with a hot lather shave on the back of the neck, relaxing shampoo, and simple styling.

Scalp Treatments

All treatments include paraffin hand dip, a Shampoo with a Scalp Massage, and follow up with a hot towel and arm massage

Hair Cut


Relax with our expertly crafted haircuts, leaving you feeling refreshed.



This scalp treatment effectively replenishes moisture to your hair, leaving it nourished and hydrated.

Electric Shave


The Electric Fade is a fade achieved with a super-close electric razor.



This scalp treatment effectively eliminates product build-up while providing essential moisture for a healthier scalp.

Long Hair Cut


This Cut is for hair chin length and below.



This scalp treatment detoxifies, purifies and replenishes your scalp, eliminating impurities while restoring essential nutrients for healthier, more vibrant hair.



Hot Towel


This Cut is for hair that hasn't been cut in over 5 months, or more than 2 inches needs to be cut.

A warm, towel infused with essential oils, meticulously designed to enhance your relaxation post-shampoo.



Beard Trim


​​Shapes and refines your facial hair.

Neck Trim


A precise razor trim at the nape of the neck, accompanied by a soothing warm towel.

Beard Treatment


A moisture boosting conditioning treatment, to hydrate your beard.

Just The Sides


When you don't need anything off the top. Great for when you're growing out your hair. Does not include a shampoo.

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