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I became a hair stylist to express my creativity and avoid a "9-5 desk job." After growing up in the charming city of Georgetown, Texas, I dreamed of finding a career where I could experience the freedom to provide for my family while still having time for myself. I worked at several corporate salons, and learned valuable skills at each. Now, I have established Modern Chivalry to give you a more personal experience with the same professionalism. If you're ready to start looking your best, head over to our booking page and set up an appointment!

"I knew something was missing with traditional barbershops and salons. Thats why iredefined the experience."



Head Stylist


Meet Keke, our head stylist from Louisiana. With a deep love for music and an active role in her church, Keke brings a warm, community-focused approach to our salon. Her passion for helping others and giving back shines through in her work, as she strives to create beautiful, confidence-boosting styles for every client. Family-oriented and dedicated to her craft, Keke is excited to elevate your grooming experience with her expert touch and heartfelt service.


Client Canine relations


Meet Marjorie, our talented work-from-home canine client happiness officer at Modern Chivalry. She's here to ensure every visit leaves you with a smile and pampering! Her favorite pastime includes playing with her rope toy and assisting her mom in practicing new scalp massage techniques. Ready for your next pampering session? Marjorie is cheering you on!

Our products at Modern Chivalry are free of toxins, never tested on animals, and uphold our commitment to being organic, natural, and plant-derived. Crafted in Texas, they embody our dedication to promoting scalp wellness and ethical practices.

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